March 22, 2019

Design Creative Draft Drawing Ideas Purpose Concept
Design Creative Draft Drawing Ideas Purpose Concept

This year we launched a brand new website with a focus on building a WordPress authority site. Our new goal and focus is to share our knowledge with people who are interested in learning how to grow their business using WordPress. is a free resource that I plan to build out. I doubt that it will contain any paid resources although we are considering all options in order to make the website viable.

Brandingpop is still going to exist and still taking orders from clients that need help with websites but we are going to make sure that this resources answers all those questions.

Types of WordPress content will Cover

First and foremost the main cause for starting the page will be to create something that helps people with WordPress issues. There are a number of solutions out there but I want to create something original and fun and light hearted.

WordPress is a very technical thing and I think sometimes you need help in a way that better explains what you are really doing when you use it. With us doing design work it helps break that cycle by making the story behind it much easier for the reader.

We hope that you will join us at

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