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Case Study:

Client: Steve Kassab

Website: was a website that needed a complete rehaul. When Steve came to me he was looking for a complete redo of this site. He was looking on updating it and making it far better looking than before.

The old site was very clunky and just plain outdated. I updated it using a color scheme that I found he has used on some of the other sites and added some more bling and graphics to it.

Steven provided all the feedback and graphics that I required doing the process, this was a giant help. Using the copy from Steve’s original site made this job a blast.

Coming from one point and then evolving the site was challenging as these type of customers often require more hand-holding. When you come from nothing, you have nothing to lose. Steve, on the other hand, had a very successful business with

As a matter of fact, another challenge was the fact that he wanted to incorporate other locations into the process. Giving his sub sites the ability to upgrade their own site.

In the end, we did not decide to go with upgrading the subsites as it would likely confuse less technical people. Still, was a great project.

Somethings we learn about

  • Being more organized using Plutio would’ve helped.
  • There were a number of changes made after the fact, mostly due to missing graphics that were never supplied.
  • A longer timeline should’ve been given to the project. It was done in a rush.
  • The images should’ve been uploaded before the project started.
The old site before we did work on it.

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