October 12, 2017

The struggles of running a graphic design business

Running a business that is based off any sort of creative design is much harder than one would think. Below I wanted to discuss some of the struggles of running a graphic design business with you.

A traditional business that is brick and mortar has a lot of problems they worry about daily. A design business which is often virtual unless it's an agency has a different set of issues they have to contend with. It's easy to get wrapped up in the idea that one business is different from another but we all have the same issues.

Since I've opened Brandingpop, I've had to change the idea and at the end of the day even change what my plan for the business is. After over a year, I'm at a crossroads. Web design is fantastic and I enjoy it but it's not ringing the cash register as much as I would like.

Clients are unsure of what a graphic design business is?

graphic design businessCertain people have no idea what type of design business you run. You may specialize such as the way we are doing only WordPress web design in the beginning with only doing certain types of designs. It's pretty important to stand out from the crowd but it's most important that customers understand what you do and what you don't do.

I believe our business model of a month to month plan seems to be a good idea but I am going to rework the idea completely. I want to make sure that we are covering our graphic design clients also which is another bread and butter type work.

In the beginning, we wanted to just specialize in web design and this has become a mistake. As Gary Vanynerchuck has said, "Passion is priceless." We are going to work on things we are patient about without completely making the general market angry.

Graphic designers often struggle with the market

The graphic design business market can be a bitch. Plain and simple.

You have Fiverr, Upwork, Designcrowd, and others that generate tons and tons of people who want cheap designs at bottom of the barrel prices. I know, because I worked for many of these shit heads. To be honest, some of them are alright and most of them were just trying to get work done.

The problem is real design doesn't happen like this. I have met and fired plenty of clients who are what I call "Askholes". I didn't come up with that name but I think it's pretty clever.

People who demand your life just because they paid you $100 dollars for a job that's going to require 4 hours of work. First of all, we work by the way that is different. I don't trade time for money, I create value which is our sole purpose for existing.

If I am not creating value every day in some way or form, I am failing as a business owner. Every business should strive to create value for their clients no matter the price.

So what does all this mean for BrandingPop?

It's been a real eye-opening to what the market wants and what it doesn't want and right now. I can't honestly say it wants what I am offering so I am going to pivot and try a different method until I find the method that works best for me.

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