February 3, 2018

OneWeb is going to change the face of the internet

In this article, we are going to dive into why OneWeb is going to completely bring a revolution to the internet industry. We will talk about why you should care and how it will impact you.

I hope you are strapped in because we're about to go a bumpy ride!

What is OneWeb?

OneWeb is a satellite manufacturer but that's not why you should be happy. This company formerly known as World has a mission, bring internet to everyone.Oneweb

Now before you ask, yes many places around the world do already have internet. However, there are other places that simply do not.

An example of this is my family, they have taken residence in the middle of Mississippi. To my shock and suprise, you get no cell phone coverage (that's ATT and Tmobile) and no data. It's like a black hole.

My father has to purchase HughesNet which let me tell you, is a joke. They are charging outrageous prices for people who otherwise can not get internet from normal cable and telephone companies.

And the funny thing is my family isn't alone. There are plenty of developing countries outside of the United States with little or no internet access.

Another fun fact is, Internet in America sucks. Here is some statics to show what I mean, we don't even rank in the top 10.

So I digress OneWeb mission statement is to provide internet across the globe using some very smart technology that they are developing. As a person who loves and works on the internet, this is very important.

Not only does OneWeb offer competition to the cable and telephone providers who have monopolies, but they can create a new landscape for internet providers.

How can a bunch of satellites do anything?

OnewebOneWeb's website can explain it better than I would ever be able to but the general idea is that the tiny satellites have a few things going for them:

  • Fewer components
  • Lighter weight
  • Easier to manufacture
  • Cheaper to launch

This itself makes them very attractive to a lot of people. You can find more information on it here.

How will it affects cable providers?

The history of cable and telephone providers in America is very shady. Basically to sum up things you want here big cable went to the government and told them they didn't want the competition to happen if they were spending so much money on infrastructure. The government agreed and a backdoor deal with striking.

Fast forward to today's time and you'll find most areas of America are limited to one or two cable/telephone providers. This is because of monopolies that make it impossible for new companies to even get a foothold in the space.

Sounds fair right? Yeah, not so much.

So now all the sudden you take a 50 year plus agreement and throw a curveball into the mix. A newcomer OneWeb with better technology is here to create something that could possibly push us into a new age of internet connectivity around the globe.

Do you think big cable or telephone want to see that? I doubt it.

Other possible changes coming down the pipe?

Fact is OneWeb is not the only company to want to shake up the cable and telephone providers. Tmobile my cell phone company has a vision that in the future people will be able to just use whatever cellphone technology to power all their devices.

If you think about that, we aren't too far from that right now. Mobile traffic is shooting through the roof, less and fewer people use desktop computers.

We are becoming a civilization of mobile connected people. Some may fear the repercussions of a future constantly connected, I am going to roll with the flow.

Fact is, things need to change and evolve over time and we have for too long been stagnant by companies who are holding people's potential back just for corporate greed.

Wait, corporate greed, aren't you being a little doomsday?

No, when you start looking at the facts. Do research and you will find that American's pay very stupid prices for internet connectivity and this is all due to corporations who want more money, limit bandwidth and are trying to control what we can access.

Is OneWeb going to change this?

Maybe. I can hope that by throwing a newcomer into the mix, it might force companies to start being competitive rather than screwing the consumer.

One thing is certain OneWeb has a giant mountain to climb but I feel that their time in the spotlight is coming. I just hope they won't be as greedy as their corporate counterparts who has continuously screwed over the American people.

I plan to be one of the first early adopters of this new technology when it is released to the public. The future is bright and we are only limited by what we put up with.

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