July 13, 2017

How to make my WordPress site load faster

In this article, we will cover one simple solution to completely improve your website speed without a headache. Learn how you can speed up your website. It's much simpler than you might imagine and it requires almost no time to improve things like your speed test and other website related tests. Come along with me and learn how to make my WordPress site load faster isn't a problem.

After hours of testing and retesting, I've come up with the best solution for improving your website speed. If you're like me you spent a ton of time (wasted) trying all manner of things.

Before we can look at the solution we need understand the problems.

What creates a slower website?

A slower website can be the result of three different things in my book.

  • Huge unoptimized images
  • Poorly/All in one theme
  • Bad Plugins

Your image is slowing down your website

If your uploading images to your website without them being optimized then you are really shooting yourself in the foot. There are a ton of image optimization plugins (insert link) that someone can use.

The rule of thumb is images should be less than 500 kb. The smaller the better.

Stop buying themes that are sold by one man shops. Getting a faster website easy if you stop making mistakes like these.

Sorry, but the one man shop for a theme is normally a bad idea. It takes a team to make sure that a theme is properly updated and constantly stays secure.

Make sure if you buy a theme it has:

  • Excellent documentation
  • Support
  • History/Changelog

Bad plugins work the same as themes

Unsupported Plugins a no better than a bad theme. They are often coded poorly and not properly updated which means, your in for a ride.

Just don't use them or find a similar plugin that works that is supported. I'd rather pay money for something that works than something that does not. Learning how to make my wordpress site load faster takes more work than most people would be willing to consider but the results are worth it.

What about free plugins?

If you are like me, free plugins are a source of frustration. They offer just enough solution to keep them installed but rarely offer a complete package. I tried all manner of plugin combinations but at none of them improved my speed without losing in another area.

Some popular plugins like wp cache or w3 total cache. It wasn't till I was in a Facebook group that I heard of wprocket.

When I began exploring the solution I figured, maybe it would be worth the money. Maybe this one solution could give me a faster website easy.

I spent the money and I have never looked back.

What about a free theme

Free themes run into the same problem as plugins and everything else. If they are coded properly a theme can be a great asset to a business as it provides the best and safest security for your site.

A poor theme, on the other hand, can completely topple your speeds. If you don't believe me try running a simple speed test at Pingdom.

You will see how bad off your pages are according to that site which also happens to be pretty accurate. Even if you rank in the top 90% if you are trying to get 95+ it can make the difference between a customer staying on your site and leaving.

So when you are thinking about how to make my WordPress site faster, always consider your theme.

How to make my WordPress site load faster

Website speed is a problem. How do we fix it? Most websites load over 2 seconds which is a huge problem.

Lot customer is lost money and the only way to solve this issue is to speed up that slow website.

Enter WP Rocket. I am a part of a bunch of Facebook groups where developers talk shop and this plugin kept coming up into my radar. So I dropped the money and decided to give it a shot and boy was I shocked!

Below is an image from Pingdom Speed Test, showing my somewhat optimized speed after days of the grueling test.

How to make my wordpress sites load faster

This is what my website looked like after installing WP Rocket with zero input from me.


how to make my wordpress site load faster

Out of the box, it increased my speed and solved some of my problems.

Here is a follow up screenshot months later with the plugin optimized. Same website hardly any additional changes:

learning how to make my wordpress site load faster

This one program did what several free plugins could never do, improve my website speed without a lot of input from me. Learning how to make my WordPress site load faster is a task that anyone can do but it requires you to spend a little money in order to achieve the results.

I'd highly recommend that you give WP Rocket a shot. How to make my WordPress site load faster is easy, just use WP Rocket.

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for wprocket. This post is not sponsored and is just my experience with the product.

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