How to find a web designer for your business

Web design is a field that is often misunderstood and worse yet, it’s failing. This article will cover how to find a web designer that works with your business.

A history of finding a great designer

How to find a web designerA long time ago web design was about creating web pages from the magic of HTML. It wasn’t until CSS was introduced that you had to have real skills.

Original sites were terrible, they were generally made of tables and poorly organized and had many problems. This lead to web design being turned into a commodity product. As more people joined the website movement, web design today is not what it was.

A great designer still takes skill but often the words are interchangeable thrown around with developer which is a completely different skill set.  Web designers is typically people who code and design the website from scratch. These are often people who are self-taught or trained through some kind of schooling.

A developer is normally someone who can also code or build plugins normally a more skilled at coding.

Each of these people has their skill set and each one is different. If we add to the fact that you now have people using software like Divi or Elementor and you got the third category.

These people are fewer designers and more customizers. They typically struggle with CSS and do not have any skills in PHP or any other coding language. How to find a web designer is something that you need to work on as a business owner, finding one doesn’t happen overnight.

Customers struggle to understand what designer they need

This is a common problem with a project. Most customers think most web design companies are a one-stop shop but in truth, that’s not true. Most great web designers have strengths and specialties.

A smart web designer will focus on a specialty rather than trying to do everything under the sun. It’s important that you as a customer understand what specialist you are looking for.

Looking for just a standard template customizing designer, try Fiverr or a freelance site. Want a completely custom site along with some ongoing help, you most likely want to find a great web designer. Looking for a customized plugin or site that is different, you most likely want a developer.

How to find a web designer starts with good questions

find a great designer by asking questionsThe right designer is like finding Mr./Ms. Right. There’s probably not one person that fits your general idea. You’ll need to figure out what key things you want more than others.

Most customers don’t want to hear this. They want to believe that out there, there is a perfect person. This is highly unlikely.

You have to be willing to do the thing that most married couples do and compromise. Trying to find that certain web designer often boils down to communication and their skill.

While companies can offer more variety, there are a ton of successful designers that can do great work without the help of a team. Customizers are more likely to try to find workarounds and developers are likely to work with other designers.

Find a great web designer, the ugly truth

If you have been following above and shaking your head saying yes, yes. Then you most likely understand, there no secret. Web design is a messy process.

You can make it easier as a customer by making sure your organized and you understand what you need before you go in. You wouldn’t bring your car to a shop that only does wheels. Why are you bringing your “I want a completely customized website and rank at Google #1 for Business” to one man shops?

You have to sit down and really think like a person taking their car somewhere and figure out what you need to be done. The right answer isn’t always evident by what you think of. We for example only focus on WordPress sites, anything outside of that is not our target customer.

You have to be thinking of specific details of what you need to be done rather than generalizations. If you do this one thing, you are likely to be completely ahead of the game when it comes to your website. How to find a web designer will take time and patience but in the end it will be worth it.

If you don’t know the answer, I would suggest Googling and asking. There are plenty of free Facebook groups or even social media that can help you decide.

There is no right way but there is a wrong way. Go in uneducated and confused about what you are really purchasing and why you need it. That is a surefire way to frustrate anyone regardless of what the field is.

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