November 15, 2017

How is a brand different from a logo

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a brand and logo is?

Some businesses use these words interchangeably but the fact is they have very different meanings that you should be aware of. In this article, we will discuss how is a brand different from a logo?

What is a logo?

how is a brand different from a logoMost new businesses struggle with understand basic graphic design jargon as they should. Do you want a Brand or do you need a logo?

Discovering what these words mean can be the difference between you communicating intelligently with your designer and spinning your wheels.

A logo is a graphical representation of your business, this can also include a plain font which is often many businesses logo. This often includes a symbol or your business name. Sometimes in very rare cases, it will include a slogan but this has lost favor over the years.

A logo by itself is useless without the company it's attached to. While some logos have become household names, such as Nike or MacDonald's. Your logo will likely be lost in a sea of logos no matter how good it is.

Most businesses focus on being clever, I would argue you need to be clear.

A logo defines your business in a way that it draws in the prospect but it should never be a sacred cow, meaning if you have the choice don't put it above all else.

It is a graphical way to communicate your company to people who are constantly bombarded by communication from other businesses and advertisements.

  • This is often why when you sit down with a designer, it's so important to communicate:
  • your business idea
  • your market
  • your unique selling position
  • The emotions you want to invoke

So now that we have clearly communicated what a logo is let's look at branding.

What is a brand?

A brand or branding as some designer term it, is the act of creating a set of rules for your business. This often includes things like:

  • a logo
  • tagline
  • color guidelines
  • terms of use
  • style guide
  • company voice

Every brand has a different set of rules but yours should be no different. A solid brand is one that clearly communicates your core values to your customers first hand.

Don't randomly let other people decide how your logo, voice or branding should be used. Make a clear effort to define these things with feedback from a skilled marketer.

If you don't, the market will define these things for you and you may not enjoy how they view your company image. So make an effort to working on these things now.

Now that we have defined a logo and brand, the only thing that is left is understanding how to build a brand.

How to build a brand

When a business first starts their quest to gain customers they are unwittingly building a brand before they know it. When they sit down with a logo designer and go over colors, your building a brand.

So how does a business intentionally build a brand without knowing how? The answer is, you simply decided and commit.

A brand really isn't much more than you say yes or no to certain situations.

Facebook doesn't allow porn on their platform as well as a host of other things, this is branding. R rated movies are rated because they contain situations which might not be suitable for teenagers, this is branding.

It may seem like a foreign concept but it's the idea that you're going to say no to certain things. It's also the idea that your business logo will be used in a certain way.

It might also be the fact that your marketing uses the word "Fuck" or maybe, it doesn't. Either way, these are all concepts of branding.

Some people will likely argue that this skews a little in the way of the marketing territory. I would say to those people, does it matter? You are making a decision and that decision is one that will stand across all marketing, design, and voice. Any decision you make is better than no decision at all.

So what branding decisions are you going to make today that is going to push your business in a different direction?

So how is a brand different from a logo?

Now that you under how is a brand different from a logo you can talk to your designer in an intelligent way that makes you an authority.

If you are a new business with no brand at all, how are you going to start today building a brand that people care about? Think about Apple, no one cares what they make, they love the brand itself.

When you reach that level of customer love you will be unstoppable but you have to make sure your brand stands for something, otherwise, it will stand for everything and nothing at all. If you need help along the way, don't hesitate to let us know.

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