Case Study: Drmcjconsulting.com

Client: Dr. Monique Johnson


Dr. Monique Johnson was a lady whose back was up against a wall. She had worked with another web designer on a project and got shortchanged by the design.

Her original website Drmcjconsulting.com was a mess when I got to it. He had somethings that were organized but most of it was incomplete.

The website needed a major overhaul of the graphics as well as the backend. Most of the pages were not done well and she had some high demands.

While it did require a lot of work the website for Drmcjconsulting.com did get completed in a timely manner. She has since hired an overseas designer to make changes.

What we learned from Drmcjconsulting.com

  • The organization was a problem but in the end, the project came out well.
  • Monique had really big ideas for the website but seemed to lack basic focus, I blame this on my poor discovery phase.
  • With all the big ideas brought a bit of frustration on my end which likely cost us the maintenance deal for someone overseas.

* She has since hired us to fix problems when her “VA” could not fix them. Overall Monique is a great client and we enjoyed working with her.

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