daimyo bjj

Daimyo BJJ.com

Case Study: daimyobjj.com

Client: daimyobjj.com

Subcontracted by: Caseo Design


When I was approached by Caseo Design I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through another designer in order to complete a website project. I was unsure of how the project would go or what would happen. I’ve never been a big fan of working through subcontractors.

I decided to go with the project once I was done talking to the design owner. It was a fairly straightforward job. Within a little under a week, we were able to get the site together.

Luckily all the design materials and documents were gathered for Daimyo BJJ.com.

It offered some unique challenges such as working as a subcontractor on a job which I had never done. Also, the communication was rather limited due to the platform we choose to use in order to communicate.

If I had to go back and change things, I would do a few things different than what I did before.

One we have upgraded our communication to a platform called Plutio which helps organize the project making the whole thing much easier to handle. New customers will notice this is our go to platform and really makes the process overall easier.

Somethings we learn about Daimyo BJJ.com

  • The subcontractor method for us does not work. We wouldn’t do it again.
    One week is far too short of a turnaround time.
  • The whole site needs a polish, there are minor errors but the original designer left it that way, I would offer to go back to redo it but I am not sure if they are in business anymore or not.
  • Due to the fact we were subcontracted Daimyo BJJ.com was done for a price much lower than I would quote today.
  • The calendar function was a neat add-on but very hard to customize for an average person, I would not recommend without a maintenance package.

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