Case Study:

Client: Ashleigh Hanley

Website: Anky

When Ashleigh contacted me about doing a website for his book that he sells across the world, I was jazzed. The thought of creating a website that gave life to a book series was very appealing to me. was born with the idea to give book readers more information on their favorite dinosaur. He had lots of great artwork and graphics which made the page pop.

Some people may think the page is plain but one of the things that we did when we sat down was figuring out his market. This was a pretty important process of understanding who was going to be purchasing this.

We couldn’t simply throw together a website that didn’t focus on the readers. We had to target both parent and reader and make something that was easy to navigate.

We tried to offer a lot of options for while eliminating clutter. There were a few snags towards the end of the project, we really needed to sit down and do a roadmap. It would’ve helped the project move along, overall I love the site.

Somethings we learn about

  • Sitting down and creating a roadmap of the site would’ve helped.
  • Graphics were slow to get from the creators.
  • There are a number of additional tweaks I would like to do.
  • Integrating Amazon and books stores on the web is easy.

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