A Guide To Subscription based Services

If you look around the web, you will notice a trend. Things are changing for consumers and it’s for the better. There is a rise in subscription-based services and I will tell you why. In this article, we will explain what are subscription based services and how you can use them in your business.

How subscription based services got started

Subscription based ServicesLong ago when Adobe used to issue CDS with license keys same as Microsoft Windows. People would buy this expensive software and then pirate it repeatedly.

Wait you say, I didn’t pirate any software. True you might be one of the few who didn’t, but the fact is, many did.

You even know someone who pirated software, they were like drug dealers of digital goods.

Anyway, history tells us that there is a reason things like this happen. The most common reason is PRICE. This software even with a student discount would cost you several thousands of dollars and people felt like, it’s mine so I will share it.

So begin the downward spiral of software pricing.

A new Subscription based services Emerges

Around the year 2014 “Subscription boxes” gained ground in the web arena. The idea seemed simple, pay a low monthly fee and get something back of great perceived value.

People were on a budget could now afford things that most likely would be more expensive but not today because for the low price of $9.99 you all of a sudden hooked.

It wouldn’t be long before companies saw this mentality and decided that’s a good idea. So begins the subscription based services model for everything.

The subscription services game has changed

Every good business knows to keep your head above water you need to offer exceptional customer service and product. The subscription model put that on its head with a brand new idea.

You the customer want something done that you can’t afford. In most cases, it’s something more complex. You don’t have huge budgets to spend on these projects so rather than say sorry, we changed our mindset.

What if you could pay a low monthly fee for your graphic design or web design needs?

Even better, what if you are not locked into a contract? A single monthly fee you can pay as your business grows.

The best part is, you can turn it off and on as you see fit without the worry of any issues.

So how is this different from regular subscription services?

In a regular business, we have to calculate things like hourly rate and then base things on the time it takes. This can be very costly to a business who can’t afford a service, to begin with.

A monthly model lowers the cost because you give up flexibility for a little more cooperation. A monthly model offers lower prices but also gives you the ability to scale as you see fit.

Think about it, no more haggling. Our pricing model works across graphic, web and even both.

Think about it when you work with someone you feel more comfortable when you know what is happening. This model allows for a more natural conversion because you aren’t a one time customer.

You’re a recurring customer. Which means you are always treated like a valuable asset to a company rather than pushing you out the door.

It’s a mental shift that only serves to help parties. If something isn’t a win, win then people often feel ripped off. Whether that be the designer or the client. This thought bypasses that and allows for ease of use.

How do I take advantage of the subscription service model?

The easiest way for a business to test this is to try it out. Pick a service or something that can be turned into a recurring charge and just do it.

Tons of successful businesses such as Designpickle, Lootcrate and others have seen massive success. This isn’t by chance, people have figured out that subscription based services are the way to go. They create value for a customer and that person is a lifetime client.

It’s a win-win for most businesses. I would recommend that to get started, all you need to do is think about the service and how you can change it.

So what does this mean for you?

We are a new company, about a year old that is offering subscription brand services for graphic design and web design. You pick your poison and we give you a flat rate price based on your business needs.

Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to subscription based services. With this information I feel strongly that any business can begin building a subscription.

Interested in learning more? Check us out our effective web solutions.

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