January 24, 2018

8 Essential web designer interview questions

When you are picking the right person for the job it can be complex. Whether you are doing freelance or working for a company there are some basic questions that must be answered in order to achieve success in any web design career.

In this article, we will discuss 8 essential web designer interview questions that will help you pick the best design candidate.

Web designer interview questions 1: How do you gauge successes on the web?

web designer interview questionsWhile this may seem like a very ordinary question, it is far from common. Web designers have often viewed a mystics who weave code.

It is important that both the person buying the service or paying the salary that you understand what this person views as success. Some people think ROI (return on investment) is key while others will use CTR (click-through rates).

There is no right answer but before a web designer takes on any job or project they need to be sure they are speaking the same language as their client and providing those stats to them.

Web designer interview questions 2: What do you do when you don't have the skills to complete a task?

Again this may seem like a fairly standard answer but the truth is, it's not.

Some designers are more graphic designer and less programmer. Some are a blend of both so it's important that when you are looking over skills, you get a clear picture of who this designer is.

The person hiring should have a clear understand of the project or jobs requirements and fit the person with the skills to meet those demands.

However, you have to consider that some people also learn faster than others which leads to brand new skills forming under stress. Always review skills before the meeting and ask questions. Here at Brandingpop, if we do not have the skills we simply outsource the work to someone more capable.

Web designer interview questions 3: What web technologies are you interested in?

Not every single web designer is interested in every and all things web. Some choose a life of more of focusing rather than spending all their waking hours learning everything about the web and its applications.

A proper person should always have a baseline of skills but this web designer interview questions must not be skipped. People's with a passion for a certain technology will often be more adept at that technology.

Web designer interview questions 4: What groups do you follow on Facebook or belong to?

web designer interview questionsSome may consider this a bit too forward but I am always interested and what people do outside of work. This often can influence the person more than any monetary value.

Like above a person who is interested in a subject will often be better versed than something with little to no knowledge or having to learn on the fly.

Passion is a very underrated skill in the marketplace and it must be gauged during the interview process. This is one web designer interview question that should not be skipped.

Developing a well-rounded person takes a someone who is passionate about their skills or trade.

Web designer interview questions 5: What are your current goals?

In life any person should have goals, this question may be a bit too personal for everyone but it needs to be asked. You might think that a person with a goal of paying off debt doesn't apply to your project or career but really think about it.

A goal is a laser-like focus to achieve a certain task by either skill or through some sort of learning. Someone that has enough ambition for that would be motivated.

Now if we take the goal of I'm trying to start a small side hustle that allows me extra money to make pay my car note. Someone may think this is not a good employee but that's not true.

These people are both driven by a goal but you also need to ask yourself, how realistic is this goal and how fast can this person achieve this? Do they have multiple goals?

Not everyone is a goal oriented person but the most successful people often find themselves thinking about goals.

Web designer interview questions 6: How do you handle conflict?

Whether an employee or freelancer it's important that you understand a person's inner thoughts on conflict.

People are usually very brutal to this question because they would rather not run into a bad client or job. So instead of this often will give the interviewer insight into a person's conflict resolution.

Someone with low conflict resolution will often run from problems and might reassess a hard situation. People who are good at handling conflict often work better under pressure and might be more inclined to think on their feet.

Conflict resolution is one web design interview question I would pay careful attention to, the answer can be critical when picking someone.

Web designer interview questions 7: How well do you work deadlines?

We all know clients and jobs are notorious for putting people under unnecessary stress due to procrastinators. It's become so common that many jobs are just used to it, I'm talking to you lawyers.

These high-pressure jobs are often built with stress in mind. But you need to make sure that your web design interview question at least touches on the point.

Not every person wants a high-stress job. Some people will avoid jobs like this all together. It's far better for you to be honest with a person rather than sugar-coating the situation.

You may or may not require someone who is able to work better under stress.

Web designer interview questions 8: Who inspires you?

This may be more random than other questions but a person is often the sum of people around them. Finding out who inspires them may seem too touchy-feely for a client meeting but it gives great insight into that person.

Another good thing to ask would be why that person inspires them. It can lead to greater insight into what they are striving to achieve in life.

You can always train people but you can't bake in greatness. That is a skill that must be acquired with time and through passion.


There's no right or wrong way to find a good designer. Asking questions helps everyone as it's a great way to find out who fits and who does not.

You should never feel like asking a web designer is a task because they are there to complete a job based on their skill. These questions are just a few that you can ask yourself when you are setting up a meeting.

Web designers should be able to answer any of these because they are all based on personal experience rather than skill. I hope this article on web designer interview questions has helped you and if it has drop me a note down below or contact us.

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