November 1, 2017

5 Logo mistakes you are making with your brand

Branding a new business or even existing business takes some thought. People often hire the cheapest designer or worse yet, get someone to do it for free. A logo symbolizes more than just a company, it symbolizes a brand completely. Here are 5 logo mistakes you are making and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: You don't test the logo against different sizes

A noobie designer will often forget that logos get increased and decreased a fair amount. You have to consider this for the long term.

What does your logo look like when it's blown up to the size of a building? Can you even do such a thing?

Another problem people run into is often if they got their logo on the cheap they are never given the vector files. They often have a jpeg or png of their logo.

Vector files are important for scaling up or down. A logo should always have the ability to be scaled to different dimensions.

Most logo designers, especially ones off cheap sites like won't give you the design files unless you pay an inflated price.

Your best bet is to into your business files and takes a long look at your logotype. If you're having trouble drop us an email and we can look at it for you. This is just one of the logo mistakes you are making in your business.

Mistake 2: Not testing the logo with different colors

Most logo designs need to be tested against different color schemes. Even if the logo is symbolic such a Nike, they need to see what it looks like in black and white, different shades and etc.

Your logo would be best served by the people by testing it on different colors and while you're at it think about what it's printed on. Very few businesses consider this but what it's printed on matters just as much as what color you use.

How does that logo color look on a hat or a pen? These things matter and are rarely checked. Colors are not universal RGB has a scale, CYMK has a scale and so does Pantone colors.

Never assume your logo will look the same on every single thing just because you know one set of colors. This is rarely how this works.

Mistake 3: Testing your symbol out against your market

Symbols are the artwork that allows people to instantly recognize the business without knowing anything else. A prime example is Nike or Chili's who has a famous brand.

Developing a symbol takes time and patience but the pay off is great. Think about Amazon. Yes, they don't really have a symbol but they do, it's the smile. That simple object is likely to get recognized for many different things, even without the title.

Many new logo designers forget about the symbol completely sometimes only using a font. Which is fine in the beginning when you are just starting. It, however, should not be a long-term plan.

Symbols help customers get to know your brand and they build trust. If your logo is just a font, then it can be copied just by using that font.

But what about Google. These companies don't buy generic fonts, that is a customer font which means their whole logo is basically a giant symbol because it's all custom. Yes, you can get close but you can't buy the Google font.

Mistake 4: Full branding kit

When most people are getting a logo done, they forget or don't know what else they should get. A real logo design often comes with a full branding kit.

This means, the designer sits down and really hashes out the details of things like best sizes for the logo. Pantone colors, RBG colors, and so much more.

If you ever purchased a logo and the only thing you got back was the logo itself, you likely did not work with a professional designer.

The branding kit itself can improve your brand dramatically because the designer writes a set of rules that the person printing should follow. This helps give your brand consistency.

This is one logo mistakes you are making that you must avoid at all cost. It's important that you completely understand your brand and how it works on all mediums.

Mistake 5: You undervalue your the price of your logo designer

It's easy to think that a logo design shouldn't make much money. The scale is so outrageous you are not sure what you are paying for.

Somethings to keep in mind, is your brand new or existing? Either way, a good designer will likely need to look at things like the current market you are in as well as competitors.

Then you have to consider a logo doesn't just pop out overnight. It takes creativity and time. Two things most business owners undervalue. That process in whatever shape it takes needs to be valued.

Another thing most people forget is the process itself. It can take anywhere from several hours (if you need it asap and don't care about the final output) to months/years if you are a giant company.

Can you imagine the type of research that has to go into changing a major brand? It's ludicrous work but the fact is good brands stand out from the crowd and bad brands fade in.

Fixing the logo mistakes you are making

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the dangers and pitfalls of logo design mistakes. I would recommend that before any money is given that you sit down and talk to your designer. Discuss everything about your brand, the more details the better the chance that you find a designer who can work with you.

If you are in the market, we also do logo design at affordable prices and work with small businesses.

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