September 28, 2017

3 Ways to take on challenges like a pro

In the world we live in challenges will come and go. It is no surprise that to take on these challenges, we must think like a professional.

Here is a list of things you can do to take on challenges like a pro head-on and win.

Take on Challenges, Your Persistence

take on challenges

Winners never quit, and quitters never win. It's a smart quote that is often at the heart of any person who runs a business.

Sometimes we give up too soon before we manage to gain traction. Sometimes we quit just when we are about to face and conquer the challenge.

Any and all business books will tell you that what makes a person stand out from others is the grind. The willingness to take the pain in the face of overwhelming adversity.

[clickToTweet tweet="“You are not patient enough. Your lack of patience is killing you, and your need of things is killing you.” – Gary V" quote="“You are not patient enough. Your lack of patience is killing you, and your need of things is killing you.” – Gary Vaynerchuk"]

Gary is correct. There is no escaping it, everyone wants to be an overnight success, and that simply does not happen.

Take on Challenges, Your Habits

We are all a slave to nature. Habits are one of the things that certain people tend to stick to.

I once listened to an audio book that stated that patterns are created by the brain to make life easier. They are routines that your body naturally follows. The people who become the most successful are people who change habits which take on challenges in daily life.

So whats the problem with your habits then? Simply put:

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you've always gotten.

Best quote ever because it inspires you to step out of your conform zone and seek the edge of whatever you are doing.

Sticking to habits is easy. Breaking habits to try new things is a much different process that challenges you to go beyond what you know.

The next time you want to change one of your habits that aren't working before you ever start anything, figure out your goal. One of my primary goals this year is to get healthy. I feel I am a heavy guy, so I am working on small things first. Then I will work up to bigger things.

You see at the start of each year people join gyms; they eat healthily, they lose weight and then they fail. I planned to eat right first, lose the weight due to proper nutrition and retraining my body to eat right and then work out after I've hit my goal. I am breaking up a huge goal into tiny steps.

You can do the same with business or anything involving life. Break your goals into tiny bite-sized steps and work on one single thing at a time without moving to anything else.

Take on Challenge Your Beliefs

If habits are the things, you do every day. Beliefs are your core structure for what you feel is right. It's almost like your inner compass that you use to determine life direction.

Probably is, sometimes that inner voice is telling us the wrong things. I've had to challenge my inner voice.

Sometimes you run tests, and you believe that these tests will lead to better and better things. Often your assumptions are completely wrong.

This is why there is a whole movement behind The 7 Day Start-up. The idea is that you try to do things on a small scale before moving to the big scale. This saves time and money by figuring out what the market wants.

Everyone thinks they know what the market wants, but most people have little clue. If you don't break your beliefs and test theories, you are likely spinning your wheels.

I challenge you to find an idea that you no longer think is help you and throw it out the window. Try doing things different for a set period.

What Challenges will you face

It's tough to predict the future or what challenges that you as a business owner will face. You have to be ready to take these challenges head-on, but that often starts with you.

Most people think that the outside world is the biggest problem. Truthfully, it's not; the problem is you. You need to stop placing blame and start changing the way you do things!

We face challenges every day of changing people's mind about websites. It's one of our core beliefs in the company, and we know it will force us to grow.

So what challenges are you facing? What beliefs are you throwing out? Shoot me an email at [email protected]. I'd love to hear what challenges you.


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